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» Welcome to El Calafate, Province of Santa Cruz
El Calafate is one of the principle tourist attraction in Argentina. It's located at a distance of 320 km from Río Gallegos, the capital city of the Santa Cruz Province and is visited by pleople from all over the world. El Calafate is known as the Capital of the Glaciers and has grown in the last years with the support of the government of the province of Santa Cruz for the promotion of the argentinian tourism.

» Description
El Calafate is a colourful place for excellence and it's located on the foot of the hill of Calafate and to borders of the Argentine Lake. Green vegetation makes the picture more beautiful; which is composed by flowers of different type between which they stand out the rosales and an amount of hoist and pines that decorate the center of this city..

» Weather
El Calafate has a dry and windy climate with a maximum average temparature of 20º C during summer (December to March) and a minimum average temperature of -2º C in winter (June to September). The duration of the daylight differs according to the station of the year. In summer, the sun comes at 5.30 am and gets dark at 10.30 pm. In Winter, the day is shorter with only 8 hours of day light.
El Calafate
El Calafate is a plant and was founded in 1927. It takes its name from the abundant thorny shrub in the austral zone of the Argentinian Patagonia. Initially, the tehuelches indians lived in El Calafate where they found the leafy forests for subsistence from the cold winters.
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